With over many years of expertise, Bright Cleaning is dedicated to provide quality business office & commercial cleaning providers in Bay Area to fulfill every company needs. From small office to large corporate buildings, we have skilled staff and useful resource to provide you the best industrial cleaning service. All of us focus on providing guaranteed satisfaction for cleaning numerous prestigious offices, discretion facilities and private properties throughout Bay Area.

Following completing a free initial site inspection to know the requirements of our customers, we will provide you a free personalized proposal for the comprehensive office cleaning services that meet your exact needs. We believe inside long term relationship using the clients and hence we all always strive to take care of the highest commercial cleaning standards and perceptions. Our personalized office cleaning services are tailored to meet client specific requirements and budget. With regard to complete cleaning requirements at the most competitive value, feel free to contact us. Our own well-trained staffs are prepared with latest equipment to provide you the best!

Working with your company’s needs, we provide weekly or bi-weekly service of consistent quality. Below is a list of the type of cleaning we do in each room of your office.

Bathroom – clean outside and inside of toilet bowl and tank, wash inside and outside of sink/basin, clean mirror(s) and mop floor

Kitchen – clean inside and outside of microwave, clean outside of stove including underneath stove burners and stove top, wash off all counters and sink, clean outside of dishwasher and refrigerator and mop the floor

Meeting Rooms – clean off all tables, clean glass on frames and mirrors and vacuum room

General Office/Desk Space – throughout every room we dust off all flat surfaces, computer monitors and keyboards, clean baseboards and remove cobwebs. We also take out your garbage shredded paper and recycling and reline your bins.